My favourites from the Sweet Spring Challenge 2024.

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    Spring Instagram art challenge.

    For the first 20 days of March, in the lead-up to the first day of Spring, I co-hosted an art challenge on Instagram with three other illustrators; Megan Roy, Alissandra Seelaus and Joanne Muñoz. The challenge consisted of ten prompts; artists could join in as and when they felt like it, and were encouraged to share their work and tag us so we could see all the lovely entries! You can check out all of my Sweet Spring artworks here, and scroll through all the entries with the hashtag #sweetspring2024.

    My favourite thing about challenges like this is the way they remove pressure, provide inspiration and motivation, and the freedom to play and have fun!

    While these challenges are just for fun, you never know where it can take you. Let yourself be pushed out of your comfort zone, and try something new! I’ve even had artwork from previous challenges licensed to dream clients, so you really don’t know what opportunities these low-stakes, fun challenges can present.

    I’ve been truly blown away by the stunning work that people have been sharing with us, and the sheer diversity of styles and approaches. When we were writing the prompts, it was easy to assume the routes people would go down, but I’m so pleased that I have seen such beautifully inspiring and varied interpretations.

    Let’s dive into some of my favourites!

    Busy Bugs

    Fuzzy Friends

    Dewy Dawn

    Lush + Leafy

    Neat lil Nests

    Gardens Galore

    Birds + Bees

    Fantastic Fungi

    Pond Pals

    Brilliant Blossoms

    See you next time!

    I’m so thankful for everyone who took part, whether it was for one prompt, or all ten! It was brilliant to see all of your wonderful styles and interpretations.

    Finally, I wanted to highlight a few artists in particular that I came across that I’m going to be following from now on:

    I’ll definitely be back for more challenges, and hope to see you there! Until next time…

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