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I’ve been a creative at heart since I could hold a pencil, and my passion for art has only grown over the years. After studying illustration at university and graduating in 2016, I moved to the vibrant city of Bristol!

Inspired by nature, my illustrations are colourful, textured, and thought-provoking, sometimes with dark undertones. I strive to strengthen the human connection to nature and create pieces that my audience can use and enjoy, such as handcrafted earrings and licensed patterns for products like stationery.

I believe in creating with purpose and strive to consider people and the planet in all of my endeavours. I hope my work speaks to you, and I look forward to sharing more of my creative journey with you.

Past clients include Penguin Random House, Bravery Mag, Printslinger Ltd and Mary’s Living and Giving.

When I’m not working, I enjoy swimming (in clear blue if poss!), sewing and playing video games.


Email: clarelewis@live.co.uk

Social Media

Instagram: @clarelewisillustration
Facebook: Clare Lewis Illustration
LinkedIn: Clare Lewis

Clare smiling at you!
A young Clare working on a school project.
A very young Clare painting what can only be described as a colourful smudge.

“First and foremost, Clare is a really good person. Funny, witty, proactive, caring and very talented. If you’re looking for an incredible freelance designer that can take a brief (whatever the job) and just crack on, look no further.* *No boring clients allowed – Clare’s too cool for that.”

Oli Garnett | Creative Director at Something Familiar

“Clare’s fantastic illustration skills are obvious, as well as her animation ability, but her efficiency and knowledge are what drives success in each project. It’s a pleasure to work with Clare; a friendly, supportive coworker and a talented, reliable creative.”

Heather Church | Project Manager at Squarebird

"WHAT a find. Responsive, intuitive and creative, Clare’s work was just what we needed (she truly went ‘the extra mile’ for The Extra Mile book). Clare is lovely to work with and sets clear pricing and boundaries, so you know where you stand. Looking forward to working together again!"

Kerry O’Neill | Project Manager at Printslinger Ltd

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