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Dos and don’ts of working with an illustrator.

In this guide I’ll talk you through 10 dos and don’ts when working with an illustrator. By taking a little time to do some research, you’ll be setting yourself up for a fruitful and enjoyable process for the both of you.

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I got 2nd-degree burns from my hot-water bottle.

Many of us will be putting off using the heating this winter for as long as possible, finding other ways to keep ourselves and our families warm. As I hate being cold at night, one of the ways I like to do this is to take a hot water bottle...

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Clare’s top 5 tips for making stickers.

Stickers are a great product that can get your illustrations out there. They’re low-cost, fun and versatile, meaning that they’re great both to sell and to purchase. Below I’m going to go through my five top things to consider when making stickers.

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How to create a repeating pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

It’s quite straightforward to make an illustrated pattern or group of motifs that you’re really pleased with, but it can become very complicated when you need that pattern to repeat in all directions, particularly when you have overlapping elements or an atypical repeat. In this guide, I’m going to show...

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What is illustration copyright?

Copyright is a simple term in that it means exactly what it says: the right to copy. The concept, however, can cause some confusion about what is and isn’t allowed, what clients have and haven’t paid for and what constitutes a breach. This fogginess can lead to some clients demanding...

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